1. kotsoum's Avatar
    Bro…bro..where are you?

    Baldy has been trapped on Pixel World and needs your help finding his lost brother.

    Try to stop Dr. Zold’s monsters closing your way finding your brother and destroy his evil plans.
    Gain lives and power-ups, collect rings, berries and tons of magical items on your way home in 15 pixel-perfect levels. Defeat all enemies using fireballs, hitting blocks and jumping on their funny faces!

    Enjoy a classic adventure game combined with a d-pad controller for more arcade-style gameplay experience and fun!

    Super Bros is a delightful adventure game packed with 8-bit graphics for everyone who loved the old-school arcade games running on old consoles!

    Price: 0.99$

    App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1085115980?at=10l3Vy

    02-22-2016 03:50 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Good luck with the success of your app.
    02-22-2016 04:00 PM
  3. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your app with the members of iMore. Good luck
    02-22-2016 05:51 PM
  4. pr1nce's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your app. Good luck with it.
    02-22-2016 07:11 PM
  5. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Looks good! Thanks for sharing
    02-22-2016 08:25 PM
  6. swiseman321's Avatar
    Looks good dude. Nice retro feel.
    02-22-2016 09:44 PM
  7. taz323's Avatar
    Best of luck with your app.
    02-23-2016 01:19 AM
  8. ostcollector's Avatar
    Good luck with your app!
    02-23-2016 09:16 AM
  9. emaanfatyma3's Avatar
    it is really awesome keep it up
    02-24-2016 08:21 AM
  10. kotsoum's Avatar
    Super Bros! is FREE for a limited time. Download it here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1085115980?at=10l3Vy
    03-04-2016 12:12 PM
  11. Netox Games's Avatar
    Love platform games. good luck!
    03-05-2016 01:06 PM

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