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    Hey guys,

    I've been using Outlook for iOS for my public safety agency assigned email for quite a while now, using IMAP. After the last update that came out it stopped working. We actually use Office 365 but to set it up in Outlook as an Office 365 account we have to give our IT folks permission to access and remotely wipe our devices at any time without prior notice, which I refuse to do. All of us that use our personal devices can access our email on our devices via IMAP with any app that supports it. I've switched back to using CloudMagic for both my personal email through Time Warner, and my work email. I know they haven't "closed" the IMAP backdoor (even though it's "discouraged") because it works flawlessly on CloudMagic, and several others are still using Outlook with their email accounts. I've even go so far as to manually configure the account, which is what I did initially and it worked fine, but for whatever reason since the last app update it has quit.

    Not sure if it'll help but as I said I'm using an iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 9 Public Beta 3. I thought at first it may be the Beta s/w throwing things off but two of my partners are Beta testers as well (one being a 6 Plus, and one a 6S Plus), and they aren't having any issues at all. I've also deleted and reinstalled Outlook several times, & went so far as to clear out my cache, etc. First time I've really gotten stumped by an app or haven't been able to Google it and find a solution. Maybe I've looked over something or missed something along the way. I really don't mind using CloudMagic but would much prefer Outlook if I can get it up and running. Any help you guys could share would be awesome. Thanks!!!
    02-13-2016 12:51 AM

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