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    I have to "bookmarks" on my phone and I can't seem to permanently delete these. I can delete them, but as soon as I reboot my phone, the bookmarks come back.

    These bookmarks are showing up as "apps" on my phone, but when you tap on the icon, it takes you to a web page for that particular bookmark. (note, I think people also call these "webclips").

    Side note: These webclips were added to my old 4s, which was jailbroke. When I got my new 6s, I backed up my 4s and then restored the new 6s with the older 4s backup. So not sure if I can get these off, since I have no access to iFile any longer. Just another reason I can't wait for a 9.2.1/9.3 jailbreak.

    I've searched Safari and Chrome (the two browsers I use) and can't find any "bookmarks" for these two links. Here is a screenshot of one of the bookmarks:
    How to delete a "bookmark" for a webpage?-file-jan-25-6-21-35-pm.png
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