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    Was just wondering if an app like this exists. No, I don't want to have to convert every song to VoiceMemos just to get this functionality.
    My iPhone 4S has a really good quality ear speaker. Basically you background play any music through anything (e.g. music/iPod/iTunes/Safari) and then open up a specialized app, and the music is routed through the EAR SPEAKER/EARPIECE and hold the phone to your ear as if you're on a call, rather than using the speaker or headphones. This would be brilliant on cigarette breaks, or when I'm bored at work when I can't use my headphones or play music through the speaker.

    A very old version of Shazam used to provide this functionality due a bug... which was unfortunately fixed.
    And then, a few years ago, in the iOS 5 days, an App like this did exist, it was called iEarMusik. Here is some screenshots of the app...

    REQUEST: iPhone app that plays audio through the EAR SPEAKER?-20160118_010108000_ios.png
    iPhone Speaker = EXTERNAL speaker on iPhone
    iPhone = INTERNAL EAR speaker

    Unfortunately, as great as this app was, firstly, Apple yanked it from the AppStore for no given reason , and although I still own and can use this app, it is not compatible with iOS 7 or newer and simply crashes upon opening. It works fine on iOS 4.x to iOS 6.x. This is all the information (external link, Softonic / AppCrawlr) I could find on it.

    So I am wondering if anybody has developed, or knows of a similar app which can provide this functionality.

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    Check Out EarPlay - Play Music Through iPhone Earpiece by Inder Deep Singh
    10-12-2016 08:13 PM

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