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    Tide Q- QR Code Generator - QR Code by drawing?-ice.png

    Tide Q is a creative QR code generator app. User can make a QR code by drawing!
    It's so amazing!!!

    Many teachers are using this app to be a tool in the art or computer lesson.
    Who doesn't love it?

    So funny!

    Tide Q- QR Code Generator - QR Code by drawing?-u002525e8-u0025259e-u002525a2-u002525e5-u002525b9-u00252595-u002525e5-u002525bf-u002525ab-u0025.png

    Tide Q- QR Code Generator - QR Code by drawing?-_2015_11_18_12.16.20.png

    At the last, there are 2 versions for Tide Q QR Code Generator app.

    One is free version.

    Another one is full version.

    The most of different between free and full version, free version is only 16 color available.

    Any question please go to website or Facebook.

    Read more Tide Q QR Code? Check out their Instagram.
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    Thank you for sharing your app with iMore.
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