1. 1_haneen's Avatar
    nice work!
    Irvine08 likes this.
    01-22-2016 04:20 PM
  2. Irvine08's Avatar
    Hello guys! Just wanted to share my friend's youTOB channel with his new strategic videos such as this one,

    Game of Dice - Team Match Gambler Deck with "Where is my money" skill card, Won in 2 turns!

    You may check his channel to view more strategic videos regarding Game of Dice and subscribe to get updates!
    01-28-2016 02:27 AM
  3. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Nice! Thanks!
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    01-28-2016 08:30 AM
  4. DropoutGames's Avatar
    amazing artwork there!
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    01-31-2016 07:00 AM
  5. Irvine08's Avatar
    Check out my own Personal Skill Card Deck!

    02-01-2016 01:18 AM
  6. Irvine08's Avatar
    Check out my Game of Dice gif creation!

    Game of Dice-tew.gif
    02-02-2016 02:50 AM
  7. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Nice! Thanks for sharing it!
    02-02-2016 03:57 AM
  8. Irvine08's Avatar
    You are welcome! There's a new update for Game of Dice today! It is called Pirate Attack!
    There are already 6 vacation map in the Pirate Attack Map!
    They also have new Pirate Attack Hidden Skill Cards!
    New character Anthony <3
    You can now save 2 card decks! No need to interchange cards whenever there are daily boosts.
    Here's my screenshot of the new Pirate Attack update

    Game of Dice-12592211_10205880564521024_6167670288897425788_n.jpg

    Game of Dice-12642942_10205880564841032_8660410107032869967_n.jpg

    Game of Dice-12642519_10205880565001036_5726499559421462519_n.jpg
    02-04-2016 12:31 AM
  9. wsoftvn's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing!
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    02-05-2016 10:31 AM
  10. Irvine08's Avatar
    Me this coming Valentine's Day )

    Game of Dice-myvday.jpg
    02-08-2016 04:30 AM
  11. Irvine08's Avatar
    Hi guys! I made an artwork using Game of Dice characters. This one is in celebration of Valentine's Day.
    Advance Happy Valentines!
    Hope you like it!

    Game of Dice-vdayvm.jpg
    02-10-2016 03:51 AM
  12. Irvine08's Avatar
    My Vacation Deck Strategy!

    02-14-2016 02:43 AM
  13. Irvine08's Avatar
    That awesome feeling when you beat two rich, strong, and cash players even though me and my teammate are just casual gamers here. Definitely not a pay to win game.

    Game of Dice-not-pay-win-game.jpg
    02-15-2016 01:48 AM
  14. Oh My Cost's Avatar
    Cool! good luck with your game.
    02-16-2016 01:59 AM
  15. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your app/game with the members of iMore. Good Luck
    02-16-2016 06:13 AM
  16. ksudnik's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing. Game is really nice. Wish you good luck!
    02-16-2016 07:55 AM
  17. Irvine08's Avatar
    Thank you so much! You should also try the game I assure you will enjoy it just like i did!

    02-17-2016 01:16 AM
  18. Irvine08's Avatar
    Update! 3 New Skill Cards have arrived!

    1. King of Pirates

    Game of Dice-king-pirates.jpg

    2. This is MY LAND

    Game of Dice-my-land.jpg

    3. A Cheap Shot

    Game of Dice-cheap-shot.jpg

    4. Pirates Never Miss

    Game of Dice-pirates-never-miss.jpg

    5. Wild Compass

    Game of Dice-wild-compass.jpg

    6. I See Gold!

    Game of Dice-i-see-gold-.jpg

    7. Open Fire

    Game of Dice-open-fire.jpg

    More details here:
    ♬★ Developer's Note - 25 ★♬ - JOYCITY Forums
    02-21-2016 02:02 AM
  19. swiseman321's Avatar
    Cool artwork man. Seems like you put a lot of effort in!
    02-22-2016 10:56 PM
  20. ostcollector's Avatar
    Great looking app! Thanks for sharing the link!
    02-23-2016 10:21 AM
  21. Irvine08's Avatar
    Check out this super cute "Notice Me, Senpai!" gif image of Game of Dice! I hope they make a story out of the game soon!

    02-24-2016 02:17 AM
  22. emaanfatyma3's Avatar
    keep it up it is good
    Irvine08 likes this.
    02-24-2016 09:19 AM
  23. Irvine08's Avatar
    New Skill Cards Arrival!

    Game of Dice-yikes-crocodile.jpg

    Game of Dice-strike-back.jpg

    New Character Kai!

    Game of Dice-new-character-kai.jpg
    02-27-2016 05:02 AM
  24. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Thanks for the App update! Good luck!
    Irvine08 likes this.
    02-27-2016 09:15 AM
  25. Irvine08's Avatar
    Ongoing March 2016 Events!

    I. Daily Gem Shower

    Game of Dice-daily-gem-shower.jpg

    II. Thank you March Event

    Game of Dice-thank-you-march-event.jpg

    III. March VIP/VVIP Exclusive

    Game of Dice-march-vip-vvip-exclusive.jpg
    03-03-2016 01:10 AM
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