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    so i just installed workflow and this app is very awesome... but there is some question about this app like :
    1. how to ask workflow to open default apps like opening photos, reminder and so on?
    2. i using save from instagram workflow and i want to add feature like when i finished save the photo into my camera roll, it will open this photo in camera roll or exit it self and go back to instagram
    3. i also using reminder workflow and just like instagram i want after finish inputing data, it will jump me to reminder app (default from apple)
    4. how to add icon into selection menu? so i want to make speed dial feature that when i run from widget it will show menu of my favorites contact with icon/their face
    5. can i take screenshot with this app?
    7. can i do shazam? so tell shazam to run the app and immediately do music recognition?
    8. can i do recording with opening voice notes and do recording?
    9. where can i get a list of workflow that already people made? beside workflow-vcs.de? or maybe some sort of forum that share all extension that people have been made?

    okay thats all i have in my mind right now.... thank you for anyone answering hahahahaa
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    Interesting app, just purchased

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    09-25-2015 09:08 PM

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