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    Brought to life by an independent development team, this is a space-themed RPG, level-based running game.

    Play as the main character Allen and other characters as they are drawn into an interplanetary adventure by the force of the Astrals. From the sun-scorched surface of SunCircle, to the mysterious world of "Evernight", the player will enjoy a rich chapter-based, story-driven experience filled with a new level-based playing design never seen before in a running game. Your spaceship is taking off now - join the adventure!

    8 types of heroes, over ten types of abilities, up to 20 buffs, nearly 1000 combinations are waiting for you! Over 100 tasks and accomplishments are waiting for you to challenge. Taste the satisfaction of getting them all!

    Astral Origin: A Revolutionary ACT&RPG Running Game-astral_3.gif Astral Origin: A Revolutionary ACT&RPG Running Game-astral_4.gif Astral Origin: A Revolutionary ACT&RPG Running Game-astral_5.gif Astral Origin: A Revolutionary ACT&RPG Running Game-astral_9.gif


    ——Short yet challenging level design lets you enjoy endless fun.
    ——Gripping story mode and maddening hero mode, there is always a mode that fits your playing style.
    ——Rich and varied level design allows for a novel and fun playing experience.
    ——Varied terrain, from vast open spaces to encased inner chambers, barren peaks, twisting vines, mysterious castles, are waiting to be explored.
    ——Unique art, carefully designed to bring the player a feast for the eyes
    ——A number of equipment and items that let you breeze through levels and nab accomplishments
    ——All kinds of new and interesting items that besides helping the player are also fun to use.
    ——Interesting characters and quirky dialogue compliment the action.
    ——RPG elements: a fully developed levelling system lets you grow along with the player. Maximize the potential of every character!
    ——All new characters, accomplishments, and hidden items await you to collect. Satisfy your urge to get them all!
    Astral Origin: A Revolutionary ACT&RPG Running Game-astral_13.gif Astral Origin: A Revolutionary ACT&RPG Running Game-astral_14.gif Astral Origin: A Revolutionary ACT&RPG Running Game-astral_19.gif


    ——Click, click repeatedly to kill enemies, for a smooth fast-paced attack style.
    ——Try air-diving for an even more exciting way to blast through enemies!
    ——Hover-attack lets you avoid obstacles and fly over treacherous terrain.
    ——Carefully constructed Boss battles will pit you against the deadly Sand Demon and the devious Under-Lord.
    ——Different monsters call for different attacks, from gelatinous slimes, deadly traps, stone statues and more!
    ——NPC co-op mode brings the sturdy golem Rokar, as well as the feisty ninja into the adventure, helping you along with way.

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