1. reprep's Avatar
    My friends and I all live in different states. We have been look for a good board game or just anything that we can play a turn and pass on. Also me and one other person is Ben with the timezone change work the same hours. And we are looking for a good mmo. We all have iPhone 5s to ip6+. And help would be awesome
    07-12-2015 02:56 PM
  2. reprep's Avatar
    Wow never checked spelling 😆sorry
    07-12-2015 02:56 PM
  3. Miska Hietala's Avatar
    Well Hearthstone is one. Then there is cards and castles, tho it doesn't include chat yet. Very good game tho.
    07-13-2015 12:56 AM
  4. keity's Avatar
    @Miska didn't try that game you said. Where can I get this one?
    07-13-2015 01:02 AM
  5. Miska Hietala's Avatar
    07-13-2015 10:19 AM

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