1. jaknife's Avatar
    Does anyone know why OneDrive uses so much storage on the iPhone app and is there a way to reduce it? Mine is currently using 3.4GB.

    I would have thought that everything is stored in the 'Cloud' and it just downloads documents etc if you select them??

    07-10-2015 11:31 AM
  2. Bigeric23's Avatar
    I would uninstall the app, reinstall the app, and then check the difference.
    07-10-2015 11:36 AM
  3. jaknife's Avatar
    Reinstalled and now using 125MB!!! Goes up when it starts creating thumbnails for pictures but only added 30-40MB.
    07-10-2015 11:44 AM
  4. blackquan's Avatar
    dropbox is the best
    07-11-2015 04:27 AM

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