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    The Secret Of Crystal Waters - A brand new point and tap adventure has arrived on the iPhone and iPad.

    Take control and visit an island you once knew so well. You named it Crystal Waters, a perfect hiding place.
    Can you visit the island you once knew and piece together the puzzle? An intriguing adventure is to be had on this beautiful secluded island.

    Unravelling The Secret of Crystal Waters is down to you now!...

    The Secret Of Crystal Waters - Point & Tap Adventure! OUT NOW!-500x500bb-80.png

    The Secret Of Crystal Waters - Point & Tap Adventure! OUT NOW!-500x500bb-80.png

    The Secret Of Crystal Waters - Point & Tap Adventure! OUT NOW!-500x500bb-80.png

    You revisit an island you have long before forgotten. An island you felt close to a long time ago. Young, free and careless you traveled the seas for treasure and a place to hide your bounty.

    Crystal Waters you named it. A perfect hiding place.

    You return to this special island as you have heard rumours of smugglers trying to plunder its secret.

    They have learned of untold riches hidden somewhere on the small deserted island. How they know you are unsure - It was all a long time ago.

    Your memory is vague, you know instinctively you have to find and hide your riches once again. But where did you leave them? You only know of the small island they were left.

    Visiting the island you knew a long time ago, you try to unravel the clues to the hidden location of the treasure.

    Can you discover it once again?


    * Go adventuring on a beautiful island
    * Easy to play - Just point and tap
    * Drag and drop inventory items
    * Collect items on the island
    * Solve clever puzzles
    * Add notes to your journal
    * iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

    Thanks for looking - enjoy playing!
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    Welcome and thank you for sharing your app with iMore, hopefully a lot of our members will check it out and give plenty of feed back.
    Please take a moment and read: App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums
    Thank you again and best of luck with your app.
    07-03-2015 07:05 AM
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    Welcome to iMore. Thanks for sharing your app with us. Good luck.
    07-03-2015 07:28 AM
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    Thanks for sharing your game app! And good luck with it!
    07-03-2015 07:57 AM
  5. M9 Games's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the kind words and warm welcome, first post here today!
    07-03-2015 08:39 AM

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