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    Physics based, cage blasting, penguins saving fun

    Chuck the sheep for fun!
    Chuck the sheep for exciting adventure!
    Chuck the Sheep for high scoring action!

    Slide the fulcrum (pivot point) and tap on the swinging weight to drop it down on the lever and away he goes!
    Launch the Sheep into the rickety cages holding the penguins against their will. Beautiful animation, flawless graphics, and professional physics engine that adds the fun and laughs to a challenging game that you wont want to put down.
    Penguins cant fly but the Sheep sure will! This fun and highly addictive game will have you coming back again and again for high flying, obstacle avoiding, sheep chucking good times!
    Challenge your high scores or beat your friends at Chuck the Sheep today!
    Chuck the Sheep features:

    Fun Physics game
    * Awesome graphics and characters
    * Highly addictive gaming loved by all who play
    * Great sheep chucking effects and cool game sounds
    * Flawless animations and a professional physics engine
    * Uniquely designed levels with increasing difficulty to keep you chucking -sheep until the cows come home

    Chuck the Sheep alone or against friends score, either way youll be Baaa-ck!

    Intelligent Apps, LLC Web Site
    ChuckTheSheep Support

    What's New in Version 1.2

    *Reduced Price

    * Enhance stability

    * Control when to release the metal ball as it swings from left and right. Ball has more energy when it swings left and looses it when swing right.

    * Love ChuckTheSheep? Please write us an Apple Store review

    * Questions? Help? Contact us at Support@intelligentappsinc.com

    iPhone Screens:

    Website: https://www.intelligentappsinc.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/chucksheep
    iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chuckthesheep
    06-11-2015 02:15 PM
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    Thanks for sharing your app. Good luck.
    06-11-2015 02:20 PM
  3. taz323's Avatar
    Best of luck with your app.
    06-11-2015 02:21 PM

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