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    Collins Croatian<->Portuguese Phrasebook & Dictionary with Audio

    With over 2,000 survival phrases and 10,000 words the Croatian-Portuguese-Croatian Collins Phrasebook & Dictionary will meet all your language needs and will make your trips more comfortable and fun. Native speaker audio pronunciation for each expression and word included will help you express yourself in each situation and never be short of words.

    From the Europes top bilingual dictionary publisher this software includes:

    * Over 2,000 phrases covering common travel situations
    * Phrases organised under 12 main topics and into 67subtopics.
    * Topics covered are: talking to people, getting around, accommodation, shopping, leisure, communications, practicalities, health and beauty, exchange visitors, eating and drinking, and time. All phrases include the masculine and feminine forms where appropriate.

    Mini dictionary:
    * 10,000 entries per language.
    * Relevant linguistic information such as part of speech and gender.
    * Feminine and irregular forms where appropriate.
    * Disambiguating information is provided for homographs (words that are written the same but pronounced differently).

    Audio pronunciations:
    * Available for each word and phrase in the Phrase Translator
    * Collins prerecorded audio by native speakers

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    Thank you for sharing your app, best of luck.
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