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    Hello, iMore!

    We are proud to announce the completely redesigned Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus with Audio - the WordNet concept , which had become the staple of quality language apps, had many new features to enhance your user experience!

    * Completely redesigned user experience for quick and easy navigation
    * New camera search feature automatically looks up words in your camera's viewfinder
    * Share word definitions via installed apps on your device
    * Fun ‘Word of the Day’ feature
    * Performance improvements to make the app more reliable
    * Coming soon: Audio search!


    This is the most initiative and easy to use mobile dictionary which allows quick access to millions of words, laid out in a unique format. The intelligent search features, leading to a rich word list, together with the special language notes, including cross-curriculum words and the prompt navigation all contribute to your unique user experience. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms, interlinked by means of conceptual-semantic and lexical relations. In addition to the straightforward definitions the dictionary shows how each word is linked to other words in terms of synonyms, opposites and similar words, but also hyponyms and hyperlinks within the group.

    The WordNet concept had become the staple of quality language apps!

    * Straightforward and precise definitions of over 140,000 with more than 250,000 links and 1.4 million words
    * Synonyms, antonyms, similar and related words to help improve your writing and speech
    * Hypernyms (more generic words), hyponyms (subordinate words) and meronyms (part names)
    * Examples illustrate how words are used and show typical constructions and collocations
    * Audio support

    SEARCH TOOLS – effortlessly find words using a clear, functional, and easy-to-use interface. The integrated search tools activate automatically the moment you start typing:
    * Search autocomplete helps find words quickly by displaying predictions as you type
    * Keyword lookup allows you to search within compound words and phrases
    * An automatic ‘Fuzzy filter’ to correct word spelling, as well as ‘Wild card’ ('*' or '?') to replace a letter or entire parts of a word
    * Camera search automatically searches for words in the camera viewfinder and displays results

    LEARNING TOOLS – engaging features that help you further enhance your vocabulary:
    * ‘Favorites’ feature to create custom folders with lists of words from the extensive library
    * ‘Recent’ list to help you easily review looked-up words
    * ‘Word of the day’ section to help expand your vocabulary every day

    If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please contact us directly at support@mobisystems.com.

    We look forward to your reviews and feedback!

    05-08-2015 03:34 AM
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    Just purchased! Thanks!
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    05-08-2015 04:53 AM
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    Thanks for sharing your app. Best of luck.
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    05-08-2015 08:55 AM
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    Thanks for sharing your app link.
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    07-13-2015 06:51 AM

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