1. yanvsk's Avatar
    Hello everyone!

    We would like to give you the opportunity to download Lightning Assault, our unique air combat game for iOS. We finally realized our dream of creating a 360 degree free-roaming 2D arcade-style air combat game. Throughout development, our aim was to create a game that, while retaining familiar 2D concepts, would distinguish itself from the host of other side and top-down scrolling games by adding the dynamics of 360 degree dog fights, in which everything revolves relative to the player. With a constantly increasing level of difficulty, we created eleven unique weapons that are used in distinctly different ways to create a thrilling dogfighting experience that cannot be found in other games in this genre. Gamers are able to enjoy the complete game for free, with premium content available. Download it here! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ligh...mt=8&at=10l3Vy

    Watch the official game trailer here:

    http://<iframe width="560" height="3...reen></iframe>

    Lightning Assault - Unique 360 Arcade Air Combat JUST Released!-la-web-ad-1.1.png
    04-11-2015 02:37 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    We wish you the best of success with your app.
    04-11-2015 03:06 PM
  3. techiese's Avatar
    04-11-2015 04:45 PM
  4. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your game app! And good luck with it!

    Sent from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5. ☮
    04-11-2015 09:57 PM
  5. pr1nce's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore. Thanks for sharing your app. Good luck.
    04-12-2015 08:56 AM
  6. zacmogames's Avatar
    Best luck of you!
    04-15-2015 03:08 AM
  7. Inkcadre's Avatar
    wow! Amazing App.. Best of luck with your Game
    04-20-2015 05:49 AM

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