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    Are you stuck solving a crossword? Do you want build your own crossword? iCluer is here to help you.

    iCluer offers free public database from Matt Ginsberg's which includes over 2 million clues and over 267,000 distinct entries. Now you can also download additional databases - in current version are included words and definitions from English and German Wiktionary - also free. With enough support additional databases will follow.

    How to use iCluer:
    The basic keyword search pattern (all you need as crossword solver!) can contain any known and unknown (*) letters. Advanced keyword search (crossword builder mode, available in full version) can also contain vowels (@)/consonants ($) or multiple letters (%) pattern. Clue search, which works in combination with keyword search, helps you narrow down the results to find the best answer.

    The full version of iCluer enables you to create and import various custom databases, allowing you to limit searches to specific areas or to expand databases to other languages.

    Link to AppStore:

    iCluer - crossword solver [FREE][APP]-icluer-u00252b-u00252biphone5s-u00252b-u00252b1.-u00252bbasic-u00252bsearch.png iCluer - crossword solver [FREE][APP]-icluer-u00252b-u00252biphone5s-u00252b-u00252b2.-u00252badvanced-u00252bsearch.png iCluer - crossword solver [FREE][APP]-icluer-u00252b-u00252biphone5s-u00252b-u00252b3.-u00252bsettings.png iCluer - crossword solver [FREE][APP]-icluer-u00252b-u00252biphone5s-u00252b-u00252b4.-u00252bdatabases.png iCluer - crossword solver [FREE][APP]-icluer-u00252b-u00252biphone5s-u00252b-u00252b5.-u00252bimport-u00252bdata.png
    04-09-2015 05:38 PM
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    Welcome to iMore. Thanks for sharing your app. Good luck.
    04-09-2015 08:03 PM

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