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    Pho Hanoi is rich in unforgettable flavors of the land of marjoram

    Hanoi Pho is famous not only in the country but also known by many international customers. Pho Brand Ly Quoc Su, Hanoi The true sweetness from the bone of pho is like the typical flavor of the land of the marjoram.

    Referring to Hanoi cuisine, it is certainly impossible not to mention pho. As the writer Thach Lam in the famous work "Hanoi Thirty-Six-Streets" once mentioned: "Pho is a special gift of Hanoi, not only Hanoi has, but it is because it is only in Hanoi is new ”. The sweetness in the flavor, mixed with something very different, creates the typical flavor of Hanoi pho. With pho, it is not only a dish but also an unforgettable flavor of the land of long period.

    The taste of Hanoi pho - The taste of unforgettable years
    Is there anything special about old Hanoi Pho?

    Pho is a dish tasted by many diners when coming to Ha Thanh land. However, few know that Hanoi's old pho is special. Perhaps, the first special feature of this dish is the broth. Pho is made extremely sophisticatedly with bone bones that have been simmered for a long time. Moreover, to make the noodle soup not too strong, the cook must thoroughly clean the bone before putting it into the pot. The time for bone stocking can last up to 12 hours.

    Not only that, the taste of old pho is quite special because it is added with many additives such as: Cinnamon, anise, cardamom, grilled ginger, ... Especially, pho noodles and beef are also carefully selected. Travel In Quang Ngai Noodle bowl with opaque white noodles, filled with transparent broth, little onions and sliced ​​chili makes the flavor that users will never forget.

    Hanoi Pho image - Reminiscent of the flavor in May
    The image of a bowl of pho in Ha Thanh land is considered to remind the taste of May. In particular, for the ancient Ha Thanh people, the noodle bowl was an indispensable dish in childhood. Old Hanoians eat pho as well. First of all, diners have to taste the broth first then add a few drops of lemon to suit the taste.

    Noodles, broth and beef are skillfully placed on a spoon and then put into the mouth. It can be said that the sophistication and elegance of Hanoi people are also expressed through eating this dish.

    Where is the best place to eat Pho in Hanoi?

    If you want to enjoy pho, of course, you must come to the main shop of Ha Thanh. You visit the land of wonders? You want to know where to eat the best Hanoi standard pho? So don't ignore the addresses below:

    Bat Dan Pho Restaurant: Located at 49 Bat Dan, the restaurant has more than 7 decades of experience. With its heirloom recipe, this restaurant offers diners a bowl of both fragrant and sweet noodles. Tasty Pho, soft beef, clear and medium broth - All create an unforgettable taste for diners coming here.

    Ly Quoc Su Pho Restaurant: Certainly, Ly Quoc Su's number 10 pho brand is very familiar with the followers of this dish. This is also a long-standing Pho restaurant, the delicious taste and Hanoi taste will leave diners with an unforgettable impression.
    Thin Dragon noodle shop: The shop is located at 13 Lo Duc. Famous for the re-rolling beef pho, this noodle shop is loved by many diners. In particular, the broth here is both fat and fragrant, soft beef attracts many visitors here.

    Pho restaurant: This is a famous Pho brand in Hanoi, located at Trung Yen and Nguyen Hong alley. Top 10 most famous tourist destinations in Ninh Binh Can not be missed Pho here is famous for its sweet taste, tender, medium-sized beef and a strong old-fashioned Pho flavor.

    Today, pho has become a popular dish across the country. However, the rich, sweet taste of pho still makes people feel like the love of Ha Thanh from the beginning. If once coming to the land of publicity, do not forget to enjoy the authentic bowl of Ha Thanh pho.
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