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    Dungeon & Puzzle is Role-Playing Game based on puzzle.

    Terrible dragons raided our world.
    The hero is you who save the world.
    Please, defeat the dragon and save the world with power of puzzle.

    The rule is simple. Attack enemies by matching over 3 same puzzles in horizontal or vertical line.
    If you make combo, you can give more damage.
    Upgrade hero with item and ingot rewarded in dungeon.
    And gather pets and make your mate of them.

    An interesting adventure is waiting for you.

    • 400 stages and over 100 kinds of enemies.
    • 7 Mid bosses and strong final Boss.
    • Gathering various pets.
    • Interesting adventure for saving world.
    Dungeon & Puzzle (Free) (Game)-1.jpg
    Dungeon & Puzzle (Free) (Game)-2.jpg
    Dungeon & Puzzle (Free) (Game)-3.jpg
    Dungeon & Puzzle (Free) (Game)-4.jpg
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