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    MehtaiPhoneApps presents G-Zone: a simple, pick-up-and-play game that is perfect no matter how much time you have, whether it is a few seconds or a few hours. This free game features simple controls, and can easily become addicting, as it is fun trying to beat your high score!

    iTunesLink: Unfortunately, I just joined this forum so I can't post links, but you can search "G-Zone" on the App Store to find it.

    The goal is very simple:
    Control a moon to avoid asteroids and stay alive for as long as you can.

    G-Zone features an easy to learn tap to control interface.
    1. Tap once to move the moon away from the planet, thereby decreasing the gravitational pull on the moon.
    2. Tap again to move the moon towards the planet, thereby increasing the gravitational pull.
    3. Use this ability to dodge the asteroids flying across the screen.
    4. Survive as long as possible!

    G-Zone's interface is also very simple, and consumer friendly. The tutorial section explains everything to the point, it is easy to turn off the sound, and the leaderboards section shows you how well you are doing as compared to your friends and the rest of the world.

    G-Zone's innovative concept of adjusting the gravity orbit of a moon to stay alive for as long as possible makes it unique. It is a completely new idea that has a lot of potential, like said by one of the reviewers. Another App Store reviewer calls it ôSimplistic, yet affective."

    Give G-Zone a try and see how long you can survive!

    Let me know what you think of G-Zone in the comments below! It is my first iOS Game and I would love to hear your feedback!

    A Gameplay Video is Available on our YouTube channel, called MehtaiPhoneApps.


    G-Zone by MehtaiPhoneApps
    12-25-2014 03:00 AM
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    Welcome and thank you for sharing your app with iMore, hopefully a lot of our members wii check it out and give plenty of feed back.
    Please take a moment and read: App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums
    Thank you again and best of luck with your app.
    12-25-2014 03:08 AM
  3. pr1nce's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore. Thanks for sharing your app. Good luck
    12-25-2014 10:00 AM

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