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    Name: Purple Square
    Price: FREE!
    Availability: iOS 7 or 8
    Devices: Optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch, but available for download on iPad

    How would I describe the game in 3 sentences?
    Exceptionally simple. Deceivingly hard. Ridiculously addictive.

    Objective: Avoid falling off the moving platforms to the bottom of the screen.
    Scoring: Your score is based on how long you stay alive, and how risky you play. You will receive points based on how close you are to the bottom of the screen (and to your death).
    Controls: Simply tap the purple square to make it move. Its speed and direction of movement will depend on where exactly you tapped it.

    Purple Square [NEW FREE GAME!]-iphone5s-promotionalscreenshot.png

    Comments: I look forward to hearing your feedback about this game! Please share your high scores below! If you have any questions or are experiencing technical issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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    12-09-2014 06:24 PM
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    Welcome to iMore. Thanks for sharing your app with the iMore community. Good luck.
    12-10-2014 01:29 AM
  3. micahstairs's Avatar
    Thank you!

    As a side note, I would just like to mention to everyone that there will be a "Christmas surprise" waiting for you when you open the app on Christmas day! It should help give you the boost that you need to finally beat your high score!
    12-17-2014 11:39 AM

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