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  1. scfxv's Avatar

    Hello everybody !

    FoxVitae Games is proud to present "DIAMOND BIRD",
    our 3rd and FREE game available on Apple Store, just in time for Thanksgiving !

    Grab it, and try to make the highest score possible!

    DIAMOND BIRD [Free game]-oz16lmz.png

    Simply tap on the screen to make the bird fly, and collect the little diamonds to make more points.

    Here are some screenshots:

    DIAMOND BIRD [Free game]-pskdytl.png

    DIAMOND BIRD [Free game]-613nxmm.png

    DIAMOND BIRD [Free game]-vlgvtro.png

    Any feedback is welcome!
    thanks and have fun!
    11-27-2014 10:03 AM
  2. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! Thanks for sharing your game app!

    Sent from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5.
    11-27-2014 10:26 AM
  3. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    Thank you for introducing your app to the iMore community. We enjoy the new apps posted by developers, and I am sure many of our users will give it a try Since you are here at iMore, take some time to get familiar with the App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines Again thanks for posting your app on iMore.
    11-27-2014 12:58 PM
  4. pr1nce's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your app with iMore. Good luck.
    11-28-2014 11:48 PM
  5. RedPrawnGames's Avatar
    Wishing you the very best of luck with your app!
    11-29-2014 01:05 PM
  6. scfxv's Avatar
    thanks for your feedbacks !

    Now, can you beat us? we did 15105 pts yesterday !

    DIAMOND BIRD [Free game]-orfhepc.png
    12-04-2014 03:44 PM
  7. Wonder Games's Avatar
    nice game
    12-05-2014 08:08 AM
  8. Ohad179's Avatar
    love that
    12-06-2014 12:15 PM
  9. scfxv's Avatar
    thanks!! hope you like it !!!
    Last edited by scfxv; 11-04-2015 at 07:20 PM.
    12-27-2014 03:46 PM
  10. FlatToeStudio's Avatar
    Nice game! Best of luck with your App.
    12-28-2014 06:30 PM
  11. HannaHanna88's Avatar
    Cool game!
    01-14-2015 07:11 AM
  12. annie_c's Avatar
    hah yeeeah. this poison colors. to be honest colors made me draw attention on your game. good luck with it
    01-23-2015 02:20 AM
  13. xerix32's Avatar
    I like it and 3d atmosphere
    02-19-2015 04:09 AM
  14. appmo's Avatar
    Cool game!
    02-24-2015 07:45 AM
  15. HAWK's Avatar
    Nice game thanks for the share
    02-24-2015 10:32 AM
  16. creativem31's Avatar
    Cool game - The 3d appearance is unique and cool :-)
    02-25-2015 03:24 AM
  17. Yanuar Prisantoso's Avatar
    amazing games
    02-25-2015 04:20 AM
  18. BungeeMummy's Avatar
    Awesome stuff
    02-26-2015 09:01 AM
  19. younesouhbi's Avatar
    Flappy with a twist!
    03-05-2015 02:14 AM
  20. AlgolGames's Avatar
    Nice game
    03-10-2015 06:55 PM
  21. scfxv's Avatar
    We did a major update!! New physic & speed, and more challenging!! Try the new DIAMOND BIRD !!

    11-04-2015 07:21 PM
  22. pr1nce's Avatar
    Thanks for the update. Good luck.
    11-04-2015 07:24 PM

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