1. pozirk's Avatar
    Rainbow Lines for iPhone
    Get it now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rainbow-lines/id922665108?mt=8
    Rainbow Lines game-rainbow512x250.jpg
    Rainbow Lines is one of the most entertaining and challenging puzzle games for your device!
    The goal of the game is to remove balls by forming lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of 4+ balls of the same color.

    ★ 3 game modes: classic, action and time attack;
    ★ 7 locations;
    ★ 2 difficulty modes;
    ★ Bright and attractive graphics;
    ★ Relaxing sound effects.

    Rainbow Lines game-scrshot1136x640_1.jpgRainbow Lines game-scrshot1136x640_2.jpgRainbow Lines game-scrshot1136x640_3.jpgRainbow Lines game-scrshot1136x640_4.jpg

    Have fun!
    10-09-2014 05:37 PM
  2. pr1nce's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your app with iMore. Best of luck with the app.
    10-09-2014 11:53 PM
  3. sandmentouch's Avatar
    Still want to try this game one day. Looks cool.
    10-13-2014 09:21 PM
  4. M-xylene's Avatar
    Looks fun!
    Well it looks like too many colors out there.
    I personally prefer more simply ones.
    But anyway. Good luck with your game!
    10-15-2014 08:25 PM
  5. JamieThePyro's Avatar
    It's like rainbow connect four.
    10-15-2014 09:56 PM
  6. 2Desserts's Avatar
    Looks like a fun game, good luck.
    10-29-2014 07:20 AM
  7. pmail0001's Avatar
    nice game I will try it
    10-29-2014 07:51 AM
  8. webdevray's Avatar
    I love the graphics, would like to give it a try.
    11-04-2014 07:43 AM

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