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    So recently I have been playing this new game called NBA All Net, it combines the elements of a trading card game and a team management game in one. It is similar to Big Win basketball but much much better, what sets this game apart is the amount of customization to your team and the strategy needed to win.

    There are 4 main tier levels of cards Rare -> Epic -> Legendary -> Mythic
    anything below that would be considered trash tier (rating 50->60 around).

    The great thing about this game is that you get to start off with 1 epic card (choice between players like Joe Johnson, Tony Parker etc) and 1 Legendary card (Chris Paul).

    Now this is the exciting part most Epic and higher cards will have unique skills and sometimes chemistry with certain players making certain combinations of cards stronger than others.
    NBA All Net Game Review-img_3999.png
    As we can see Kevin Durant has a skill that buffs the team and himself and his chemistry (Thunderstruck) obviously is a buff if played with Westbrook!

    NBA All Net Game Review-img_3991.jpg
    Now you also get an option to pick your coaching style (Offensive/Defensive/Balanced) and each comes with different skill trees that give different team buffs/effects (ie sometimes shooting 3 shots instead of one in one turn).

    Now its time to play! Notice how its an actual simulated game in 3d!
    NBA All Net Game Review-10489942_1442500149346743_2850953206913042759_n.jpg

    NBA All Net Game Review-img_3995.jpg
    The game also features many modes such as Legendary Matches, Ranked Matches, Road to Glory, Weekly Leagues, and Tournaments. My favorite being the Ranked Matches where you face off against other managers and win points based on your rank relative to theirs, in a similar way to the ELO system in League of Legends, at the end of the ranked season you get rewards based on your final placement.

    Weekly Leagues are similar with 2 games played each day in your pool of players. and at the end you get strong gear to strengthen your team if you are victorious. With the first place winners getting a ring that adds 20% to two stats of your card
    IE. +20% FG +20% 3PT.
    NBA All Net Game Review-img_3998.png

    However, this is just the tip of the iceberg in this game. There is so much more to explore simply writing one review does not suffice, furthermore new content is always being pushed out since the game is still in beta with official launch coming at the end of the month.

    I welcome everyone to try the game out and also if you reach level 20 you can use my Ally Invitiation Reward Code 41001 upon reaching level 20 for a free Pau Gasol Epic Card.

    Things I would like to see implemented would be an updated roster chemistry, live changing stats of players based on performance, easier to obtain mythic combinations of cards.

    - Y Donaldson
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