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    Hi everyone, I'm Casey, the lead artist on this new Metroidvania style game called Star Saver. Two characters are stuck together in a physics platforming world and need to work as one to battle enemies and solve puzzles.

    I created two short trailers for it. One is rather ridiculous and the other is normal. I added them here so you can see how my mind works.

    Ridiculous Trailer (Be ready to sing along!)

    Normal Trailer

    And a couple screenshots of the game:

    The game is free to download and try out. It was just released yesterday on the iTunes store. I appreciate your thoughts and feedback! I'll be around to answer any questions. Hope you check it out and pass along

    08-16-2014 12:06 AM
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    Welcome to iMore. Thanks for sharing your app with our community. Please take a few minutes to read the App and Developer Rules & Guidelines. Good luck. App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums
    08-16-2014 12:20 AM
  3. gatti's Avatar
    Thanks Prince! And thanks again for adjusting the title of my post. I missed the "precede" part
    08-16-2014 12:23 AM
  4. taz323's Avatar
    Welcome and thank you for sharing your app, best of luck with it.
    gatti likes this.
    08-16-2014 06:45 AM
  5. gatti's Avatar
    Welcome and thank you for sharing your app, best of luck with it.
    Thanks Taz! Happy to hear you thoughts after you've had a chance to check it out. We poured some love and many years into it. Hopefully that translates into the depth of the game.
    08-16-2014 08:07 AM

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