1. neilcoffey's Avatar
    Dear all,

    For those among you that are feeling studious or looking to learn a few French food terms for your holidays, I invite you to check out my new app French Audio Quiz.

    French Audio Quiz (Free to download)-frenchaudioquizcompsmall.jpg

    The app is designed to help you learn and remember over 1,000 items of basic French vocab, organised by topic. Each item is accompanied by a studio recording of a native French speaker pronouncing the word in question.

    The app is free to download. If you find it useful, please share with any friends/teachers that you think might be interested!

    iTunes link to French Audio Quiz: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fren...mt=8&at=10l3Vy
    08-07-2014 11:00 PM
  2. pr1nce's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your app with the iMore community. Good luck.
    08-07-2014 11:10 PM
  3. Wizcorp's Avatar
    That's a very nice idea! French is no the easiest language to pronounce...
    08-08-2014 01:34 AM

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