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    iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ring...mt=8&at=10l3Vy

    You can make personalized ringtones with "Ringtones Assistant".

    Ringtones Assistant is another masterpiece of SceneRecord developer, I am very fond of SceneRecord, specifically refer to my other posts, not go into here.

    Ringtones Assistant highlights where is it, I think is to make personalized iPhone ringtones is its biggest bright spot. With personalized ringtones, never worry about inside the office to identify the current incoming sound, but also highlight their personality.

    Oh, said a lot, or not cut to the chase, how to make personalized ringtones with Ringtones Assistant? There is a default operation process of Ringtones Assistant : "Record Sound" - "Make Ringtone" -"Set Ringtone".From the "Record Sound" began, it highlights the personalized ringtones as your ringtone is recorded live, original, of course, is a personality. You can record a friend or your own rap, confession, calls prompted language, or the scene of a dog barking, a cat called, sirens and other sounds. If there are baby can also record your own baby a sound. In short, you can record any sound, as long as you feel enough personality on the line. With the sound of the original material, then you can "Make Ringtone". There are a few common audio processing method: cut, change the sound and music. With those , you can easily make ringtones more personalized, more interesting, let others hear your ringtone is a pleasure rather think it is a distraction, and sometimes people will look forward to your phone rings again . "Set Ringtone" is to tell you how to set up your personalized ringtones, a very detailed illustrations to help, so you quickly learn to iPhone ringtone.

    Talk so much, I believe we all understand. You can download Ringtones Assistant from the App Store, the full functionality of this App is free and open. You can search in the App Store with keyword "Ringtones Assistant", and you will find "Ringtones Assistant."

    Also note that "Ringtones Assistant" can search song on the web , this is very convenient. You can find some song you like on the web, and as the background music of a ringtone to use, the effect is very good. Of course, if you're lazy enough, they do not record sound, direct web search their favorite songs, and then cut and change the sound, you can easily get yourself that personality and funny ringtones.

    The above is my personal experience, that is not very comprehensive, if you find a better place, you can reply Ha, I will learn it.

    iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ring...mt=8&at=10l3Vy
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    wil take a try
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