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    Navier HUD is a novel app that supports HUD (Head-up Display) and allows users to choose colors for the navigation panel and digital dashboard.

    iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/navi...mUvbUpU2298374

    Free version:
    1. HUD panel
    2. voice guidance
    3. multi-colors for navigation panel and digital dashboard
    4. route plan
    5. location search

    Advanced version:
    1. save places
    2. unlock dashboard colors
    3. remove ads

    Main Menu

    In the main menu you can click the left button to enter the map mode and click right button to show up the digital dashboard. The recent places are listed in the right hand side of main menu. If you click the recent place, then Navier HUD would enter the navigation mode and plan a new route to the destination place from current location.

    Navigation Mode

    In the navigation mode, Navier HUD provide text and voice guidance when you are approaching the turning point. Also, there is a turn arrow in the left-bottom corner.

    Preference Menu

    Just tap on the navigation panel to pop up the preference menu. Here you can turn the navigation panel into HUD mode, change the speed unit and select the panel color that you link.

    HUD (Head-up Displace) Mode

    Put your iPhone under the window screen to project the navigation panel on the window screen. Consequently you won't need to look at the iPhone, just put your eye on the windows screen.

    Panel Color

    Currently, there are five colors provided by Navier HUD. Select the one that you like most and don't forget that bright color is much suitable in the daytime.

    Digital Dashboard

    Plan Route

    Tap the marker in the map to pop up the marker menu. You can designate the start or end place for the route or save the place in there different categories (home, office favorite). You also can place a new place on the map by long pressing.

    Place search


    iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/navi...mUvbUpU2298374
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