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    Now that BoardRush and Friends has been launched, one cant help and compare it with MindFeud. The game rules and concept are still the same but there are also several noteworthy differences regarding the gameplay parts.

    It has better graphics and animation. It now highlights the possible places on the board for you to drag or place your tile. It also shows how much each tiled scored as it easily calculates the number of points added to your current score plus the ability to think ahead that allows you to arrange your tiles in different possible moves while its not your turn.

    Second, it has more default or official boards than MindFeud with the option purchase one of the offered boards with the use of player earned coins. In a few months time, the boards catalogue will be HUGE, and the users can design their own boards. You earn coins when you win games so it is easier to buy all the different available boards.

    From a USER perspective the game is easier to grasp as a beginner because of the new tutorial and the in-game aid. However, I think Adama is set to the highest level of difficulty by default but I know that is what adds to the games addicting feature.

    You can finish a game in one seating but it would also depend upon your opponents response though you can nudge your opponent if you think he/she hasnt touched the board for a long time. Its definitely worth playing again especially if your end score is too close. You cant help but ask for a rematch.

    It is free in the AppStore:
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