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    Amazing Breaker, by Dekovir, Inc
    $2.99 ($1.99 for each level pack), ****1/2

    Visually appealing casual game
    Easy to pick up and learn

    Limited levels included

    I suspect that casual games are the bread and butter of iTunes gaming. My personal hunch is that most people would like a game they can pick up, play for 10 minutes or so, then move on to their next thing. Games like Wheres My Water, Angry Birds, and Tiny Wings epitomize this style of game, and Amazing Breaker is another entry into this crowded field.

    Review:  Amazing Breaker, by Dekovir Inc-photo-jun-04-2-45-52-pm.png
    Figure 1 - Who wants to blow up ice with bombs! Or...who doesn't want to?

    Amazing Breakers premise is simple destruction. You use bombs and a slingshot like device to destroy the ice-covered artifact in front of your. You have a limited number of bombs, and you have to destroy at least 90% in order to move on to the next level. To make the game more interesting, multiple bomb types are included ghost bombs, split bombs, rocket bombs, string bombs, etc. All of these enable you to really fine tune your game play. You do have the option of switching the bomb you are using with the next one in line, so there is a little variability.

    Review:  Amazing Breaker, by Dekovir Inc-photo-jun-04-2-46-29-pm.png
    Figure 2 - Use a variety of bomb types, including triple bombs that split into three when you touch the screen.

    As with most of these casual games, the game can really start to be obsessive specifically, trying to reach three star status on the levels. While you only need 90% to move on, getting more will get you more stars. In the early levels, it is pretty straightforward to destroy most of the object in question with little difficulty (in some cases, even with bombs remaining). However, once you get to more advanced levels, you may need to carefully place your shots and plan your strategy to blow up the full ice sculpture.

    Review:  Amazing Breaker, by Dekovir Inc-photo-jun-04-2-49-10-pm.png
    Figure 3 - Try to get 90% destruction to move to the next level. Get more than 90% to get up to three stars per level.

    The game play is pretty similar to other casual games, but where I find this game stands out is in the visuals. The ice sculptures are very well designed, and look stunning. In fact, the ice sculptures are easily my favorite part of this game. As they blow up, they crack, shatter, and leave shards of themselves on the screen (if you didnt place a bomb in the correct location). Each level has a different object, and part of the appeal is seeing the ice sculpture you need to destroy.

    Review:  Amazing Breaker, by Dekovir Inc-photo-jun-04-2-50-32-pm.png
    Figure 4 - The designed ice sculptures (which you get to destroy) are visually stunning.

    The game comes with 120 levels, and you can purchase two additional level packs for $1.99 each. The last update was about a year ago, so I dont know if more levels are coming out, but for the obsessive, getting 3-stars in 320 levels should take a fair amount of time.

    Review:  Amazing Breaker, by Dekovir Inc-photo-jun-04-2-53-00-pm.png
    Figure 5 - Additional level packs include even more ice designs...for $1.99 per pack.

    All in all, Amazing Breaker is a bomb throwing, ice breaking casual game that has visual flair. You throw bombs, destroy ice sculptures, and try to get three stars in the process. Similar to other games like Angry Birds, the game play is not unique, but the game design, specifically the visual design, is. At $2.99 for the base game, the price is reasonable and addictive personality casual gamers should get plenty of game play out of it. Four and a half out of five stars.

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    **** = A solid app, worth the money if interested, a few flaws or problems or slightly overpriced
    ***** = Top of the line app, no problems or drawbacks.

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