1. sheasyler's Avatar
    I've purchased I don't know how many task, to do, GTD, etc. apps...it's got be close to $500 worth at this point, and I'd like some others' opinions on their app of choice. Let's throw in the mix I have adult ADHD; therefore, I NEED a robust app. Prefer universal vs. purchasing separate app for iPad and iPhone. A web-based companion would be nice, but by no means a necessity. A monthly/yearly subscription is undesirable, especially as I'm looking for work at this time.

    P.S. While I have you on the line, so to speak, can you all recommend a card app that works well with Passbook, is secure, and so on?

    Thank you all very kindly, and I've enjoyed reading posts since I joined a week or so ago!

    Shea Marie

    Shea Marie
    04-26-2014 02:33 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    It would probably help us if you listed at least some of the ones you've tried already. As for passbook, Starbucks and Walgreen's are a couple to consider.
    04-26-2014 06:46 PM
  3. sheasyler's Avatar
    Things, Awesome Note, Todoist, Nozbe, RTM, Chaos Control, Notebooks, Evernote, Springpad, Gneo, Wunderlist, Toodledo, UltraList, 2Do, Producteev, Errands To-Do List, Today To-Do, Task Eater, Voodo

    I hope this helps. Thanks!

    Shea Marie
    04-26-2014 11:52 PM
  4. kataran's Avatar
    if your a AAA member you can use it with Passbook as well
    04-27-2014 12:14 AM
  5. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore and each person above provided you with good apps to consider. Mot of these cars now or apps have a place in the settings to add to passbook, A one place app for all of them so that is a strong consideration on one.
    04-27-2014 08:47 AM
  6. ArchieBot's Avatar
    I have used Producteev before and it worked well, however it is somewhat generic. If you specifically want a GTD tool you may try realgtd.com which I am using now
    03-21-2016 08:46 AM
  7. jmendel33's Avatar
    TickTick, has a premium subscription but not needed
    03-21-2016 10:37 PM
  8. Caymancroc's Avatar
    I have been trying many out for a long time. I know this is resurrecting an old thread but thought I would give a shout out to my favorite app 2DO. Best to do app out there. Takes some time to get to learn but it is amazing once you put your system to work on it. It is very flexible and supports GTD and I believe other systems with priority based task lists.
    03-25-2016 10:39 PM
  9. bcandiolo's Avatar
    Try Any.Do it is free and works very well with an easy, effective and friendly interface.
    03-26-2016 09:34 AM

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