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    Hello everyone,

    It is my pleasure to tell you about this cool app named Vintape which is currently available on iTunes. This music player app's interface is designed to look like a cassette player, reminding us of good old times.


    This app lets users choose from a number of different cassette skins, and rewind or fast-forward the cassette tape with rotation gestures. It also has an option to enable background tape noise to make it seem like the music originates from a real cassette player.

    Key features of the app:
    • Cassette skin selection
    • Personalized mixtape collection
    • Rotation gesture to wind the tape back and forward
    • Control your app through a headset
    • Enable/disable tape hiss

    You can download this app from the App Store here – Vintape

    Let us know your thoughts about the app.

    Thank you.
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    04-17-2014 01:44 AM
  2. taz323's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your app with IMore, hopefully a lot of are members will check it out and give plenty of feed back.
    Please take a moment and read App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums
    Thank you again and good luck with your app.
    04-17-2014 02:04 AM
  3. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore and thank you for your new app. Best of luck and am sure our members will be grateful.
    04-17-2014 07:15 AM

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