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    If you are an Office 360 or Microsoft Office user on iOS (iPad or iPhone), and you also have the OneDrive app for iOS, rejoice! You can now launch your documents from within the OneDrive app, and the app will launch the Office app immediately if you allow it.
    What a great reason to finally embrace Microsoft's cloud services, and it looks mighty obvious Microsoft's presence in the iOS ecosystem will yield far more advances in the future.
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    04-02-2014 01:52 AM
  2. taz323's Avatar
    Thank you for the heads up.
    04-02-2014 02:50 AM
  3. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I might have to break down and give it a try soon. We'll see.
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    04-02-2014 08:54 AM
  4. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    There is also a very good article about Microsoft and what they are doing that is on the Blog side today. They seem to want to get in the mix with Apple now so check thins out:

    Curious what Microsoft has in store for mobile? Check out Build 2014! | iMore
    04-02-2014 02:56 PM

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