1. dangerouspea's Avatar
    Hey guys! If you're tired of all those random flappy bird clones and you think that Leo DiCaprio deserves an oscar then you should try my new game Tiny Flying Leo - Oscars Flyer. You can get as many oscars as you want for Leo, flying above red carpet and avoiding obstacles (chimneys of the Titanic or plane wings from Aviator movie). But the best part is when you launch Inception mode on- 'game in another game'. Check it out and help Leo get his oscar!


    03-20-2014 05:29 AM
  2. taz323's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your app with IMore , hopefully a lot of members will check it out and give plenty of feed back. If you haven't already, please take a moment and read App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums .
    Thank you again and good luck with your app.
    03-20-2014 06:49 AM
  3. pr1nce's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your app with the iMore community. Best of luck!
    03-20-2014 07:16 AM
  4. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore and thank you for your new app. Good luck and I hope many of our members will have a look art it. Once again thank you.
    03-20-2014 07:49 AM

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