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    Welcome to the halls of Latin House!

    The best dorm (that you can afford) at the greatest college (that would accept you) in the entire country (Not counting the parts that aren't here). Okay, maybe we're overselling it.

    Either way, you're invited along with either Max or Anne as they make their way through the first year of their college experience.

    - Play as Anne and romance Dominic, Rakesh, Max and Isabella
    - Play as Max and romance Sally, Anne, Isabella and Rakesh
    - Hilarious light comedy writing guaranteed to make you laugh
    - Life simulation gameplay with full scheduler and stats raising
    - Original soundtrack by Leetstreet Boys including the main theme "Name In Lights" !

    Roommates features boy/girl romances as well as girl/girl and boy/boy romances according to your in-game choices.

    iTunes Store Link:

    Attached Thumbnails Roommates - romance/life simulator-mainmenu.jpg   Roommates - romance/life simulator-roommates01.jpg   Roommates - romance/life simulator-roommates03.jpg   Roommates - romance/life simulator-roommates09.jpg  
    03-07-2014 12:55 PM
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    Welcome to iMore and thank you for the nice presentation of your app to our members. Best of luck. Please take the opportunity to get familiar with the App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines and again thank you for becoming part of iMore and the Mobile Nations community!
    03-07-2014 01:45 PM
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    Welcome, and thank you for sharing your app.
    03-07-2014 02:01 PM

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