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    Welcome to the world of Empire: Four Kingdoms

    Empire: Four Kingdoms FREE(World Famous Game)-mzl.ocdqupvk.175x175-75.jpg

    Prepare for battle! Construct fortresses to last for eternity, capture outposts and establish a flourishing economy. Send out your armies to reduce the castles of enemy players to rubble. Build your mighty empire and compete with thousands of other players. Play now in the huge and visually unique world of Empire: Four Kingdoms!

    Empire: Four Kingdoms FREE(World Famous Game)-screen568x568.jpeg


    The top ranking game among the free apps
    ***** "An unbelievably good game!"
    ***** "Upgrading castles will keep you glued to the screen, and the graphics are awesome!"
    ***** "Finally I can go to war together with my friends!
    What awaits you in Empire Four Kingdoms?

    Download this game:- http://ie.gamespipe.net/oom.html

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    Thank you sharing your app with IMore , please take a moment to read http://forums.mobilenations.com/rule...uidelines.html . Thank you again and good luck with your app.
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    Thank you for bringing your new app to the members of iMore and wish you the best of luck and much success.
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