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    Is anyone else frustrated at how difficult it is to view Favorites with Tweetbot 3? After reading so many great recommendations and reviews online about the new Tweetbot 3, I made it my first paid app for my 5S. One of the main Twitter things I do is view who has Favorited and Retweeted tweets of others (not mine).

    So when I view details of a tweet, I see "17 Faves" and "34 Retweets". When I click on "34 Retweets" I see a list of icons and names of everyone who Retweeted - PERFECT!

    When I click on "17 Faves" it opens favstar. Here's where the trouble begins. (1) First and mainly, I want to see a list of everyone who favorited the tweet. All I can see is icons of 4 people. Do I really need to (a) click to expand from 4 to 17 and then (b) click on all 17 icons to see who that person is? (2) In Favstar, it does not show "17 Faves" and "34 Retweets", but rather "13 Faves" and "28 Retweets" - why is the count less? (3) Sometimes when I click the "17 Faves" and it opens favstar, I don't see ANY favorites. I have to redo it, then it usually works.

    Why does Tweetbot use favstar? Can I change it? Can favstar be improved?

    I find myself using the Twitter app more than the Tweetbot app. Very disappointing.
    01-06-2014 11:47 AM
  2. MatttMN's Avatar
    Just found a worse example of 'favstar' deficiency: A tweet shows 1,766 Faves, 2,206 Retweets. Click on "1,766 Faves" and favstar shows 11 FAVS, 13 RETWEETS. What the heck? Is it only showing activity by registered favstar users? If so, who cares about favstar? Just show me the friggin details of the tweet!
    01-06-2014 12:04 PM

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