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    St. Valentine's Love Horoscope - check your compatibility with your partner-soc.jpg

    Download on AppStore: http://bit.ly/18P8nzO

    Love Horoscope app knows all about the compatibility of signs, can predict impending rupture or vice versa - tells of a future long and happy relationship. Horoscope does not give advice or hang tags - it just states the facts, based on centuries of experience stellar predictions.

    After downloading the application, you will be able to make so-called synastrically card - this is the oldest way to learn about the compatibility of the halves, the projection of personal horoscopes to each other.

    Using two colorful rotating wheel, you choose your zodiac sign and the sign for compatibility test. In result you will know the true character of your future relationships with a high degree of confidence.

    Interested in sexual compatibility? What about the chances of long-term happy relationship? Love Horoscope specializes on this issue, if you suddenly intrigued by the prospect of a great love.

    Keep a great helper at hand, and you'll always know a lot more people around you and your compatibility.

    Whats new:
    Integrated the most actual system of social networks sharing. Fixed all issues in sharing with facebook and twitter.

    Contact us:

    The apps official Twitter: @L0veHoroscope
    The developer is Anix LLC twitter: @anixapps
    Ask your questions on our site: http://dev.anixapps.com/feedback/mes...ove_horoscope/
    Or on our page in Facebook: www.facebook.com/AnixLLC
    11-21-2013 11:04 AM
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    Thanks for sharing your app on iMore
    11-21-2013 12:18 PM

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