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    Hi everyone,

    Weve released our newest iOS photo & video app, Crop Video Square, the new kind of video editing application, which user can move, pinch to scale, rotate and crop their video into square size. Crop Video Square is now exclusively available on the Apple App Store.

    Crop Video Square is different and unlike other apps on the Apple App Store. This app gives user the ability to move, scale to cropping their video into square size or what ever size they want. We made this app in user-friendly way and easy-to-use in just 3 steps.

    In step 1, Import video from camera roll or shoot a new one within the app. Then set background color which we provided 500+ colorway within the app. In this step user are able to set their video to fit width or fit height or move and pinch to scale by themself.

    In Step 2, In order user want to rotate their video, they can do it in this step. To do this, simply tap on - or + button to rotating or use 0 90 180 270 button on the bottom of the screen to automatically adjust the degree of video.

    Before going to the last step, user can preview their edited video by tap on preview or tap on reset to going back to the original.

    In step 3, After finish editing your video, all you need to do is share out to Instagram and get more organic like from your Instagram friends or sending via e-mail. In this step, the app will automatically saved your edited video to camera roll and provide play in other app option, in case you would like to do it.

    We believe that all features in Crop Video Square, it will be the key difference between Crop Video Square and other apps on App Store. Crop Video Square is a new way to edit video and share out Instagram or other social network, all done in just a few minute. No need to use laptop and profressional video editor program to editing your video anymore.

    App Store Link: Crop Video Square

    We hope all you guys will enjoy using Crop Video Square. Make sure to add hashtag #CropVideoSquare with your stunning video on Instagram too.
    Attached Thumbnails Crop Video Square for Instagram-crop-video-square-itunes-ads-1.jpeg   Crop Video Square for Instagram-crop-video-square-itunes-ads-2.jpeg   Crop Video Square for Instagram-crop-video-square-itunes-ads-3.jpeg   Crop Video Square for Instagram-crop-video-square-itunes-ads-4.jpeg   Crop Video Square for Instagram-crop-video-square-itunes-ads-5.jpeg  

    Crop Video Square for Instagram-crop-video-square-small-icon.png  
    10-21-2013 10:45 PM
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    Thank you for introducing your app, Crop Video Square to the iMore community.

    We enjoy the new apps posted by developers, and I am sure many of our users will give it a try

    Since you are here at iMore, take some time to get familiar with the App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines

    Again thanks for posting your app on iMore.
    10-22-2013 09:31 AM
  3. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    First of all without saying Welcome to iMore and we are glad to have you. I judge when i want something by the looks and info of what i am buying and when you show off this app by all the screenshots and info it brings pop and draws the members interest so thank you for doing that and i wish you the best. Once again Welcome to Mobile Nations. Please feel free to have a look around at all of the other forums especially the Development & Design forum. Once again thank You for being a part of iMore!
    To be sure that all App Developers conform with all of the posting regulations we ask that you
    familiarize yourself with the App and Developer Rules & Guidelines

    10-22-2013 09:32 PM

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