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    ------ Hot battle Dragon Ball here now!

    ------ Dragon Ball Z - Tap Battle Edition

    + Including Vegeta and Goku, fighting action to be able to enjoy in the various characters!

    => Ipad Version :

    => Edition Version : ------ Easy to Playing with 60 stats point. And more exp , stats point after win battle. :

    + Controls:
    - That fight revived in tap operation! Operation and implementation of the attack is determined by the tap . Just tap the button.

    - Move up and down or defense to prevent attacks

    - You will have 3 types of attacks: small beam, beam and super beam (ultimate skill)

    -- Beam and small beam: can be countered, can be defended, can be dodged.

    -- Super beam: can be defended and can be countered, can not be dodged.

    + Characters Become stronger Rapidly Strengthening in the card or Dragon Ball!

    + Power card system:

    -- Recovers Health Point , Mana point, Defend, Power Point when below 20% Health.

    -- Card can be upgraded to higher levels with 2 cards of the same type.

    -- Drop : Piccolo drop card skill piccolo , vegeta drop card skill vegeta ....

    + Dragon Ball System

    -- Increase% Health Points, Mana Points, Defend, Power Point depending on the level of dragon ball.

    -- Dragon Ball can be upgraded to higher levels with 2 Dragon Balls of the same type.

    -- Drop ball : easy level drop ball lvl 1 , medium level drop ball lvl 2 & lvl 3...

    + Character: Goku , vegeta , piccolo , frieza , saibaman.
    -- Upcoming : Cell , super saiyan : gohan , vegeta in next map.

    Dragon Ball Z - Tap Battle Edition-1.png
    Dragon Ball Z - Tap Battle Edition-2.png
    Dragon Ball Z - Tap Battle Edition-3.png
    Dragon Ball Z - Tap Battle Edition-4.png
    Dragon Ball Z - Tap Battle Edition-5.png
    10-05-2013 05:30 AM
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    Welcome to iMore. We are honored that you chose us to introduce your new app. Please take a moment to read through the community guidelines, and good luck with your game.
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    10-05-2013 07:34 AM

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