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    [CENTER]We just released newest app Lock Folder, the first discreet folder with secure vault for iOS 7 users.

    Lock Folder password protects images, video, and confidential information on iOS device, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Unlike other privacy apps on the Apple App Store, Lock Folder come with a discreet lock type looks like normal folder app on iOS7, which the first app from its kind. As it named for, this app is a folder to keep all secret media and information in one place behind a security system. Inside the app, Lock Folder has 9 module in there includes photo&video, note, contact, password, to-dos, location, audio, private browser & downloader, and the last one, secret message -- which use to send encoded message and decode secret message from other Lock Folder users.

    Features and functions were designed to be easy-to-use. When user first open Lock Folder, they have to choose and tap on 4 app icons to set as their own password. After they verify the password, user can start create a new album or adding images from camera roll into the app. Also can take new photos directly from the app too. With bluetooth sharing support, user can transfer files from iPhone to iPad as well. Lock Folder didn’t secure just photo and video, there are numerous other options, as well, as we mentioned above. Lock Folder have many function and features but with tutorial integration, user will know what to do next in each module.

    Lock Folder is now available 2 versions, a free version and a full version

    If you have an suggest, it would be helpful for us to improve it in the next update.

    Thank you

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    10-02-2013 12:32 AM
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    Thank you for introducing your app to the iMore community, and hopefully, many of our members will give it a try and provide feedback, both good and bad. In the meantime, take some time to get familiar with the App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines as well as the members of this community whom you just introduced your app to. Take care…

    10-02-2013 08:50 AM
  3. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    I bit of a unique idea as I welcome you to iMore and the best of all is you took the time to give this intro a very nice layout so other members looking and viewing this will get a bit of excitement and what the app does. Screenshots are so helpful to get your point across. I wish you all the best in this app and hope you will take time to look through all of our many other forums and say hello. Once again thank you for being here with us!
    10-02-2013 07:43 PM
  4. beathookup's Avatar
    Been looking for a app just like this. Going to load some photos and see how nice it works
    10-03-2013 10:55 AM

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