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    iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id681879790?at=10l3Vy

    3D Wars Free-screen568x568.jpeg

    3D Wars is a real-time strategy. In this game you battle for race of machines which atack various planets.
    As you progress through the game, you will be introduced to new units, meaner enemies and exciting new ways to obliterate the opposition.
    This game has the most interesting bonus levels : you will operate the robot in style "run and shoot", duels with bosses in one-on-one fighting.
    Level can be passed various ways. At the beginning of level you should choose 7 units and abilities. This choice will define your strategy of fight.
    For individual unit, you are able to give unique abilities such as ability to fly for example.

    Game feature:
    -New units and abilities after each level
    -One-on-one fighting bonus levels.
    -Run and shot bonus levels.
    -3 various races of enemies
    -20 various units and abilities
    -Different ways of passing levels
    08-17-2013 01:45 AM
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    Thank you for choosing the iMore forums to introduce your app. We know you've worked hard to prepare it and we wish you the best of success with it. In the meantime, take some time to get familiar with the App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines and get acquainted with the community. Take care.
    08-17-2013 10:58 AM
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    Thank you for posting your new game and the best of luck with it. Welcome to iMore.
    08-17-2013 11:20 AM

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