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    Hi Folks,

    Take a look at the latest releases by i Life Mobitech. Here we are giving away Paid iPhone and iPad Games on various categories for FREE on AppStore.... get it now.

    Spunky Monkey:
    Spunky Monkey is all about launching the mischievous monkey from tree to tree to save its child. Tilt the device to swing the monkey. Hook and release the rope to progress the monkey further.
    Become a savior as you can help the monkey reach to its child.

    Game Download Link:

    Spunky Monkey Pro for iPhone

    Spunky Monkey for iPad[/COLOR]

    Bump In :
    Bump In is an amazing game, filled with adventure and challenge. Webby finds a lot of obstacles on his way to meet his friend Moby and vice-versa. The aim is to help them to find their right path to meet each other, guide them to collect all red hearts and score some bonus points.

    Game Download Link:

    Bump In Pro for iPhone[/COLOR]

    Bump In for HD iPad[/COLOR]

    Word Scramble
    Word Scramble is a game for all age group who can find enjoyment playing such competitive game. Examine all the letters meticulously and create a meaningful word. This game will trick and confound at every stage.

    Game Download Link:

    Word Scramble Plus for iPhone[/COLOR]

    Word Scramble Pro for iPad[/COLOR]

    07-08-2013 01:59 AM
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    Thank you for showing us your newest games and giving our members a chance to view them. We certainly respect the hard work that goes in to doing these. Once again thank you.
    07-08-2013 08:02 AM

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