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    On Monday, Allyson Kazmucha posted an article, "Best apps every iPhone owner should download right now!" - Best apps every iPhone owner should download right now! | iMore.com

    She listed Omnifocus as the best task-management app. I've been a long time user of Remember the Milk to manage my tasks, but I was looking for an app that includes a desktop app on my Macbook Pro rather than a web-app only.

    So I checked out Omnifocus. First thing I noticed - it's quite expensive to get the iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps (three separate purchases). However, functionality is the most important thing to me. If the app helps me make more money, then the higher initial costs isn't an obstacle.

    Omnifocus is designed to follow the Getting Things Done ("GTD") time management methodology. I had heard about the GTD stuff before but never looked into it. Since I was trying out Omnifocus, I decided to start following the GTD system as well. I wasn't in the mood to read the entire GTD book, so I instead bought the GTD "summary" book on Amazon for my Kindle reader ($5.99). That summary book is only 62 pages long. I guess I'm now a new GTD convert (I'll probably read the whole book next) and I'm managing my work and home projects in a whole new, better way. It's a big, positive change in my life.

    In short, Omnifocus helps me get a lot more stuff done and do it in a less-stressful way.

    Thanks Allyson for the app suggestion!
    06-22-2013 12:16 PM
  2. Dryland's Avatar
    Omnifocus is my main app on Macbook, iPad and iPhone. Initially, I wanted a project management app to handle a few personal projects at the company I was working for. After using it on the iPhone I realized how powerful this app was. I'd been following GTD for a few years and knew the concept pretty well. After installing the app, I was more productive than ever.

    The time I've saved using Omnifocus was definitely worth the $100 for all 3 apps. It has paid for itself.
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    06-22-2013 12:35 PM
  3. Les74's Avatar
    I would love to own this app, but the $20 price tag is a bit too steep.....sadly.
    06-22-2013 05:55 PM

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