1. Taels's Avatar
    Hello, I'm a third year medical student and I am addicted to medical Apps, as you can see below. I created this topic to find more people with experience with medical apps in order to exchange information, experiences, preferences, etc.

    Addicted to Medical Apps-ylc.png
    Addicted to Medical Apps-j20r.png
    Addicted to Medical Apps-5j5d.png
    Addicted to Medical Apps-eiq.png
    Addicted to Medical Apps-8y9y.png
    Addicted to Medical Apps-ut5.png
    Addicted to Medical Apps-yxq.png
    Addicted to Medical Apps-tcf3.png

    That's it. I hope we can exchange opinions about medical apps and that we can learn a lot and discover great apps!
    06-16-2013 04:21 PM
  2. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    Best of luck to you and i hope that others like yourself will seek you out and exchange thoughts like you are trying to do. Good luck with your school and we wish you luck when you graduate. What field of medicine to you plan to specialize in?
    06-16-2013 09:54 PM
  3. Taels's Avatar
    Thanks a lot!! =D

    I intend to specialize in Internal Medicine, then Intensive Care medicine here in my country.
    06-16-2013 10:33 PM

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