1. DoeZ's Avatar
    I'm addicted to Dice with Buddies. Been playing it since the day it came out. Since this past Saturday June 1, 2013 I haven't been able to collect my bonus rolls at all. I only play DWB on my iPhone...but I go on my laptop on my FB and send my daily bonus rolls to all my buddies and that Saturday I collected 10 bonus rolls. So then I went to my iPhone to look and make sure to see what my total was then and they weren't there. So I went back to look on my FB and there they were. I tried it again on Sunday but with only one this time and it didnt count. Now I sent in a ticket to the developers and I get my usual reply...the ever so lovely automated we'll get back to you in 24/48 hrs. So on Monday I tried again no luck as the same on Tuesday and Wednesday and today. So now I'm really ticked off cuz I've sent in 3 tickets total no response...posted a report problem in a scopely site...nothing...so does anyone know how I can find out how I can get in touch with these people? It's not just the bonus rolls now...I've got games that are waiting for 14 days now and they fixed that about 6-8 months ago. I was just playing in there and it just totally crashed on everyone. There has to be a way to get in touch with them. Can anyone help me please
    06-06-2013 11:48 PM
  2. AgentHeracles's Avatar
    Just curious as to which version are you using: free or paid? I ask this because there might be a bug in one or both of these versions?
    06-07-2013 09:17 AM
  3. DoeZ's Avatar
    I'm using the free version. And I've actually deleted it several times and cleared my history and my cache and closed all windows and shut my iPhone down completely for about 5 min. And when I rebooted it I went into the Apple store and looked at all of the different DWB and read thru them all...meaning the dates...the updates...the history and anything else I could find that might be different from the others and I tried each of them and I had the same problems with them all. So I deleted it once again and cleaned my iPhone again and downloaded the newest version there was. I've spoken to so many people and each of them had similar problems if not more or less. The pisser is...since they rolled out their mini golf game and it was popping up in everyone's dice games even the paid ad free ones...people were bombarding them on their FB page with complaints. And I can only assume that they couldn't handle the complaints so they disabled the "Post by Others" feature so now we the players can't even write on their wall...and they also shut down their feedback area so we can't ask questions or file a report. And like I said I've sent in numerous tickets now and all I got was the automated response we'll get back to you in 24/48 hrs.and that was on Sat June 1st. and I've never heard from anyone. So I have no way of contacting them and their game is so messed up now its just unreal. Not only can't I collect all my bonus rolls but I've got 15 games that are waiting to be exhausted and their ranging from 8-14 days now. And they fixed that problem I wanna say maybe 6 or 8 months ago. I just can't figure out how to reach them.
    06-07-2013 09:59 AM

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