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    Who is ***ChuckDone*** ? The kind of guy who slams revolving doors; a man who lights fires with ice cubes thats who. ChuckDone is the type who simply knows how to get things done. Hell even help you annihilate your task lists too.

    A rough-and-tumble outlaw, ChuckDone creates to-dos, destroys checkboxes when tasks are completed, and makes running errands and tackling chores an entertaining blood sport while improving your productivity in the end.

    Dispatched to help you decimate duties as your personal assistant, ChuckDone is just as much a legend as you ever thought him to be.

    ** Easily add tasks and build lists with ChuckDone, and sit back and enjoy the action as those tasks are removed.

    ** His shotgun blows checkboxes to smithereens; his katana blade slices through with a flick of a wrist. The rest of his arsenal comprised of grenades, dynamite, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, ferocious dogs, heavy pianos, and dive-bombing planes are waiting to be unleashed through the apps 20 different custom animations.

    So, dont just get things done, get ChuckDone.

    Create unlimited lists The word limited isnt in ChuckDones vocabulary. Create a list for you, your significant other, your kids, dog, cat, whoever. Make one list for the upcoming weekend or one for just another day of the week. Create a list of resolutions for the New Year or for any impending event.

    Stay on task; keep motivated ChuckDone can create task lists in his sleep; as anyone can. Staying motivated is the key. You create the list and ChuckDone does the motivating, pushing you to keep moving forward via fun, entertaining animations.

    Celebrate your victories ChuckDone doesnt assist in simply setting goalshe helps you overcome obstacles en route to achieving them. He then joins in the celebration with 20 custom animations, obliterating checkboxes with each item ticked off your list. His arsenal is robust; his methods nothing but intense.

    $.99 introductory price!!!
    Buy now, experience ChuckDone as your personal task-crushing assistant, and offer feature suggestions for subsequent releases. Have a say in Chucks carnage by visiting.
    06-04-2013 07:38 AM
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    Hi there and Welcome. I see a fairly good discription of your app and it might be helpful to also include an iTunes link if that where it is located so our members know where to find it. Best of luck.
    06-04-2013 10:19 AM

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