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    Are you ready for the ultimate location based app, custom-made for Bucharest? A growing app written by the people and for the people visiting and/or living in the Romanian capital! Think of a 500+ pieces online puzzle of your favorite city, solved by your community. Think of constant updates on the coolest, most visited and simply the best city locations - including clubs, bars, restaurants, shops and events. We just hit the start button and figured out our first 5 pieces. Are you ready to help us on solving the 495 pieces left?



    - NEWS of the city listed in a chronological order with a preview image! Filter news by category. Detailed news with image, text, correlated photo gallery plus social sharing! Dynamic links to websites, e-mails and contacts!

    - EVENTS listed with a preview image for each event! Select view option for the months events, future, or past events! Filter events by category! Details of the event featured with image, text, photo gallery and social sharing!

    - PHOTO gallery list, with a number of images! Image enlargement with zoom and slider functions! Integrated photo sharing via SMS, email and social networks as well as printing, copying and saving image functions

    - VIDEO gallery list! Video Player compatible with YouTube! Video details and the possibility to share on social networks! Full screen view.

    - LOCATIONS listed with a preview image or logo. A list of locations in order of distance from your current location. Details of locations with text and image. Dynamic links to website, email and telephone! Interactive map with route planning

    - SHARING on Facebook and Twitter. Add event to personal calendar!

    - INTERACTIVE map with geolocation and route planner!

    - SOON in other cities

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    Bucharest City Puzzle-electric-castle.pngBucharest City Puzzle-citypuzzle-prevew4.pngBucharest City Puzzle-preview-local.png
    05-13-2013 03:02 AM
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    Looks like another Developer has brought iMore and the community a new app to review. Thank you for being here and bringing us a new app. Please feel free to browse around and hit the Development Forum also.
    05-13-2013 09:05 AM

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