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    Bluestone Pond is proud to announce the new app update for their flagship application "SetMyCamPro", which now includes a brilliant feature FoV (Field of View)! If you are a photography enthusiast and want high quality professional photos, SetMyCamPro can help!

    SMC is a unique application from the App Store, which remotely trigger your camera, aid in composing better photographs with its Field of View (FoV) utility, and assist in camera configurations for both Depth of Field (DoF) and minimum shutter speed.

    SetMyCamPro for iPhone Takes Photography into Heights!-mzl.zpviryop.320x480-75.jpg

    ✧ Main Features of SetMyCamPro:

    ✔ DoF – Aperture (f/stop) settings for more advanced photographs
    ✔ FoV – Composition assistance for award winning photos
    ✔ Remote Camera Triggering for group photos or advanced compositions
    ✔ Shutter Speed Recommendations to prevent blurred pictures
    ✔ Distance unit conversion calculator
    ✔ In app assistance guide
    ✔ Flashlight utility for supported devices
    ✔ Supports English and Metric units

    Give it a shot here!
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    04-12-2013 04:10 AM
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    Looks like a pretty cool app by the screenshot. Thanks for bring it to us and Welcome to the forums again. Also we appreciate you providing a link for the members to go and check it out. Have a great time checking out our other forums.
    05-04-2013 09:15 AM
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    We are glad to inform you all that the app is now enhanced for more better shots.The camera selection process has been improved to make it easier to find the correct camera. The default list contains over 1200 cameras and can be updated at the push of a button for the latest list.

    Download the app and please let us know your thoughts about the app!

    01-03-2014 07:51 AM

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