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    Allowed to millions of melodies streaming on the iPhone on account of TuneBash!

    TuneBash is a provision configured for all music significant others who need to listen to millions of tunes unreservedly on iPhone and iPod Touch.

    TuneBash makes it possible to stream a vast number of tracks by its search engine (incorporating certain really popular artists), and do it completely unlimited. All you need to do is hunt down the tune or virtuoso you need and select the tune to listen to streaming.

    [IMG] [/IMG]

    For every track you can moreover open the connection to purchase it on iTunes, while the unique creators will open a page indicating any shows nearby. Still, TuneBash permits you to accompany the maestros who have their official Twitter record, sending wires to companions who utilize the same application and listen to the tunes on Apple TV. You can moreover make records of most beloved melodies and listen to them at a later time, however dependably in streaming (there is an opportunity to spare them provincially).

    With additional cleaned interface and numerous more social alternatives.

    TuneBash is available for free on App Store:
    04-09-2013 05:44 AM
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