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    Travel Notifier is a new IOS app that notifies you when you are approaching one or more locations that you have set up. Travel Notifier supports multitasking and notifies you even when you are not using your IPhone or when you are using another app.


    Travel Relaxed
    - Tired after a night out with friends?
    - Don't fear to miss your stop!
    - Never wake up at the final stop again!
    - You will be woken up when you are near your destination

    Facebook integration
    - Automatically notify your friends when you are near your destination.
    - Tell your friends that your are soon at the meeting point.

    Points of interest
    - Don't miss a point of interest on your journey.
    - Receive a notification when you are near a POI.

    Nothing is more annoying to oversleep your stop. E.g. after a night out in town with friends or a long day of work. Add your stop to Travel Notifier and relax. You will be notified when your train or bus is approaching your stop.

    Doze on the way to work, why not? Work concentrated in the train, no problem. Just add your stop to Travel Notifier and relax or work concentrated without fearing to miss your stop.

    With the new Facebook integration you can automatically notify your friends e.g. just before you arrive at the party.

    Look at my website for more information Reise Alarm.

    Have a day

    03-31-2013 08:30 AM

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